Donate Your Car

You can donate your car, boat, RV, or motorcycle to Goodwill. When you donate your used vehicle, you may get a tax deduction. Donating your vehicle gives us another opportunity to provide free job services throughout Oregon and Southwest Washington.

To donate your car, truck, or motorcycle, boats, RV or other vehicle, please call (503) 238-6178 or (888) 443-9455.

Tax Information

When you donate your vehicle to Goodwill, we will provide you with a donation receipt for your tax purposes. Please note: your tax deduction is equal to the gross proceeds received from the sale of the vehicle or $500, whichever is greater. For vehicles that sell for more than $500, Goodwill will provide written confirmation of the sale price within 30 days of the sale, giving you the opportunity to deduct up to that amount. Always check with a professional tax advisor.



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