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Where can I donate my stuff?

Thank you for thinking of Goodwill for your donations!

Here is our donations locator:

“Stores – Meet Goodwill”

Why should I donate to my local Goodwill rather than another thrift store?

Goodwill provides vocational opportunities to people with disabilities as well as others with barriers to employment.


What happens to donated items that aren’t sold at Goodwill stores?

In 2021, Central Oregon, Northwest Oregon and Southwest Washington donors gave us more than 214 million pounds of donations. GICW sold, recycled, or salvaged over 79% of all items received, recycling more than 51 million pounds.


Does Goodwill pick up donations?

Unfortunately, we do not have a pickup service. Should you be able to transport your items to us, here is a map to your closest donation site:

Does Goodwill accept computers and other electronic devices?

Absolutely! We would gladly take your electronic devices. We recycle TVs, monitors, computers, printers, mice, keyboards, and cellphones free of charge.


Who benefits when I donate and shop at Goodwill?

Community members and employees benefit from you donating, and shopping at Goodwill. Goodwill’s Training & Development (T&D) program consists of three main branches: Career Center, English as a Second Language, and Employee & Community Education. Each division offers a variety of FREE in-person, and virtual services, focused on the skills development of GICW employees and individuals in the community.


How do I apply for a job at Goodwill?
GICW is ready to get you a job at one of our locations! We are filling a variety of full and part-time positions in many locations including Portland/Portland Metro, Salem, Vancouver, Warrenton, Bend/Redmond, and more. Apply at your local Goodwill store or online below.


Does Goodwill Industries of the Columbia Willamette offer volunteer opportunities?

Unfortunately, we do not! However, we recommend you contact Hands on Greater Portland (, which connects volunteers to service opportunities. Their website even includes a calendar of service activities looking for volunteers around the area as well.



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