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Where can I donate my stuff?

Thank you for considering Goodwill for your donations! You can find our donation sites and operating hours here:

“Stores – Meet Goodwill”

I need a receipt for my donation! What is your TAX ID number?

You’ll find them here:

Donation Receipt


Why should I donate to my local Goodwill?

Revenue from the sale of donations goes to provide free employment services and skills training to help individuals find jobs and achieve their goals. 99% of the people we serve each year are funded by proceeds from our retail enterprise.


Who benefits when I donate and shop at Goodwill?

Community members and Goodwill employees benefit when you donate and shop at our stores. Goodwill’s Training & Development program consists of three main branches: Career Center, English as a Second Language, and Employee & Community Education. Each division offers a variety of FREE in-person and virtual services, focused on the skills development of our employees and individuals in the communities we serve. Learn more about our mission here: Services – Meet Goodwill

Does Goodwill accept computers and other electronic devices?

Absolutely! We would gladly take your electronic devices. We recycle TVs, monitors, computers, printers, mice, keyboards, and cellphones free of charge.


Are there any items Goodwill can’t accept?

Thanks for asking! Yes, some items may be too costly to handle. Others, in accordance with State and Federal regulations, have been deemed unsafe for resale.

You will find the list here:

(Click here)

What happens to donated items that aren’t sold at Goodwill stores?

Items not sold are gathered in categories for recycling and salvage. We partner with a variety of recycling & salvage groups, as well as bulk buyers, to keep as much as possible out of our landfills. Being earth-friendly is an important aspect of who we are as an organization.


Does Goodwill pick up donations?

We’ve partnered with ReSupply to make donating more convenient! ReSupply is a Veteran founded and owned organization that shares Goodwill’s commitment to keep as many items as possible out of our landfills. ReSupply simplifies the transportation of physical goods into charitable aid while simultaneously helping members of our military transition from active duty to civilian life. Follow this link to schedule a donation pickup with ReSupply:

 Should you be able to transport your items to us, here’s a list of Goodwill donation sites and their operating hours: Stores – Meet Goodwill

I’m interested in working at Goodwill. How do I apply?

Goodwill is always hiring! You’ll find a wide variety of full and part-time job opportunities on our careers page. Browse available job listings and apply online here:


You can also apply at one of our Goodwill stores: Shop – Meet Goodwill

Does Goodwill Industries of the Columbia Willamette offer volunteer opportunities?

Unfortunately, we don’t have volunteer positions. Consider checking out Hands on Greater Portland (, an organization that connects volunteers to service opportunities. Their project calendar is customizable based on your interests and location, making it easy to lend a hand.

Does Goodwill offer any discounts?

Yes! We offer a 10% senior discount for shoppers 55 and up every Wednesday, and a 10% discount for veterans and active duty personnel every Tuesday in all retail stores (excluding outlets) within our Goodwill Industries of the Columbia Willamette region.

I have a question about/issue with an order I placed on!

You’ll need to contact directly at:

What is is an online store powered by a network of Goodwills from across the US. Comprised of more than 1.5 million items in 4 categories (books, movies, music, and games), the site adds thousands of items to its inventory every day. Check it out here:

What is a Goodwill Boutique?

A Goodwill Boutique is a specialty store where you’ll find luxury name brands and one-of-a-kind items at a fraction of the original retail price. Just like all our stores within Goodwill Industries of the Columbia Willamette, the revenue raised from boutiques goes to fund our mission services. Learn more about our mission here: Services – Meet Goodwill


Find boutique locations here: Stores – Meet Goodwill

What is a Goodwill Outlet?

A Goodwill Outlet is where you’ll find unsold donations from one of our regular Retail Stores. Outlet items are sold by the pound, except for large items (like furniture) which are sold by the piece. Some items are sent to the Outlets directly from our Donation Centers (examples: computers, broken, or otherwise unsellable items). Just like all our stores within Goodwill Industries of the Columbia Willamette, the revenue raised from outlets goes to fund our mission services. Learn more about our mission here: Services – Meet Goodwill


Find outlet locations here: Stores – Meet Goodwill



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